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Certified Thai Bodywork Therapist
Fabrizio has been practicing Asian bodywork for 19 years. He brings 25 collective years of experience in dance and martial arts to his bodywork approach which bolsters his sensitivity and understanding of anatomy in motion. A Thai bodywork session with Fabrizio focuses on:
• Stimulating the release of tension and relieving pain
• Calming the nervous system with integrative breathing
• Restoring function, flexibility and strength

Sessions are pleasant, informative and focused on results. Relief can be felt right away, along with increased energy, enhanced athletic performance, relaxation and an overall feeling of lightness in the body.

Fabrizio’s approach combines traditional Thai massage techniques with a unique understanding of how releasing muscle tension can relieve joint pain. Work will focus upon improving range of motion as well as locating and treating the source of muscle pain and imbalance while actively addressing the symptoms.

Pressure is regulated from light to deeper strokes and compression, depending on individual needs and/or preferences.

All Thai massage sessions are done fully clothed in loose fitting sports/yoga wear to allow for movement.
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