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Joel has been a Personal Trainer and Wellness Coach for the past 12 years. He spent a chunk of his childhood sick and hospitalized with terrible asthma, and it plagued him even throughout his college years. Joel started learning about fitness and made the connection that exercise and nutrition could help his asthma. Within a year of a stable exercise regimen and taking a thoughtful approach to his nutrition, his symptoms vanished. 

Once he got a taste of feeling so good, he was hooked. Personal Training and Wellness Coaching was a natural next step. Helping people reach their goals, and discovering a life of energy and vibrancy without pain is very exciting to him.
Joel feels our culture of extremes sets many of us up for failure. He takes a holistic approach to fitness. He gathers detailed information about a client’s lifestyle and then design an exercise plan that fits into their everyday life in a sustainable way. 

Wellness has to be woven into the fabric of each life in order to see lasting effects as Joel sees it. Exercise is not about beating the body up. It’s an opportunity to release stress and tension, and provide our body and brain the stimulation needed to feel well and whole. His approach with each client is to discover how he can make exercise fun and healing for them, while reaching their goals efficiently. He has a Bachelor of Science, and is a Certified Personal Trainer and Fitness Nutrition Specialist by the American Council on Exercise.