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Steven Schmoldt

Since entering the fitness industry in 1991, Steven has worked with a wide range of clients-from athletes to busy professionals suffering from back pain or seniors recovering from knee or hip
replacement surgery. With 26 years of experience, he utilizes a principle based approach of Integrative Movement strategies to benefit his clients wellness goals, needs and performance. Whether you are training for a 10K or cycling event, working on improving your golf game or simply trying to get in better shape and condition to move better for work and life, Steven will help you reach your goals. 
Steven has collaborated with leading industry professionals, including physical therapists and chiropractors on teaching videos, seminars, books and workshops. He is certified by the American Council of Exercise(ACE) and holds a designation as a Certified Integrative Movement Specialist(IMS). Steven also holds a BS degree in Finance from De Paul University. In his free time, he enjoys hiking, kayaking and many outdoor activities including chopping wood.

-Body alignment and functional training
-Breathing, balance and stability training and corrective exercise
-TRX, Suspension training and weight and resistance training
-Weight management
-Golf performance
-Senior and aging population

A consultation with Steven will include a review of your fitness goals as well as your health history. An assessment will be performed using muscle testing and bio-mechanical protocol to determine muscle and joint imbalances and develop the right corrective strategy for each individual client.

Contact Information:

Cell:  312-286-7867